It starts with a consultation—which is just a fancy way of saying we meet up to figure out if we go together like PB&J. You can tell me all about your guy and your plans, and I'll probably get all lit up about it, too (because I just can’t help it!).

I'll answer alllll the questions, and I'll ask you some of my own, too. By the time we're done, I'll already think of us as friends, and will already be thinking about how I can serve you both best. 

When you’re ready, we handle the contract, payment plan and have ourselves a little happy dance! Or hugs and high fives, I’m cool with that, too. 



Next, it'll be time for your engagement session! Every SPP Couple gets one as my gift—it’s one of the many ways I help clear the stumbling blocks and make sure your wedding day is a complete breeze.

Think of it as a practice run; 20 minutes in, you’ll be completely comfortable in front of my camera and by the time we’re done, the three of us will be like a well-oiled machine.

Plus, I mean…good luck choosing which dreamy pictures to send out in your invitation suite!

engagement session


Back and forth. Lots of emails and maybe even some phone calls or meet ups, too! You tell me what you’re going for, and together we create a custom timeline to make it happen. 

It’s my goal and purpose to be your secret weapon, your hidden asset, your extra-bridesmaid-slash-psuedo-wedding-planner-friend-who-also-happens-to-be-your-amazing-photographer. I’m totally transparent—every bit of perspective and professional experience I have is yours for the taking, whether it’s photography-related or not. I am a tool at your disposal, so use me to make your life as easy as pie!

ongoing communication


With just days left before the I Do’s, we'll meet again for more hugs, more high fives, and some last minute details.

I'll walk you both through exactly what you can expect from pretty much every section of your wedding day, and we'll make sure we’re on the exact same page.

I'll give you my favorite tips for getting past the jitters, soaking it all in, and being fully present on the first best day of the rest of your life. You’ll leave our final consultation feeling at peace, knowing that together we’ve thought of everything, and knowing that no matter what, I’ve got your back. 

the final countdown


Eight hours of coverage takes you from wedding prep straight through the reception highlights.

It sounds like a lot, but your wedding day will go by FAST! There’s no possible way you’ll catch it all or soak it all in, which makes what I do even more important. 

You’ll be so glad to have beautiful pictures of all those in-between moments you didn’t even know took place. I’m not good at waiting either, so I’ll get your blog post ready in days, not weeks.

wedding bells

a joyful, carefree wedding experience

You’ve never met a stranger, and that bubbly personality? You bring it wherever you go.

You talk or type in exclamation marks (yay!), and you probably talk with your hands, too. (#soulsisters)

Before you add something to your Amazon basket, you totally check out the reviews. Who needs buyer's regret?

Outside is your happy place
(but the shoe store isn’t a bad alternative). 

You love adventures and projects just as much as getting dolled up for a night out.

Inside jokes! Love ‘em.

You and your guy have some major heart eyes for each other and you’re playful besties, too.

You’re not made of money (who is?), but you expect to invest when it matters most.
(Like, say, for things that last).

Photography is a major priority in your wedding budget. 

You’ve got your heart set not only on amazing wedding pictures, but also on an amazing experience and a real friendship.

You’re organized and systematic,
but you want/need all the help you can get! 

Kind people are your kinda people, too.

Are we a perfect fit? Yay!

say hello

I’m committed to serving my clients with my whole heart! For that reason, I limit my bookings to 10-12 weddings per year so that each and every one of my couples gets my very best. My bet is that if you’ve made it this far, you’d be a GREAT fit, but just in case you need a little more, here’s a fun little litmus test.

you're an spp couple if...

get in touch

I lose interest really quickly when handed a complex pricing chart, so I absolutely refuse to do it to you. You have more important things to do with your time! Wedding collections are as easy to figure out as you can imagine, and begin at $1800. 

I’d love to hear all about your story and your plans! 


Our experience with you was everything we wanted. There is not one thing that I would change…you went above and beyond and handled everything!

Lorraine Golucke

kind words



Sunshine Picture Project is a photographer specializing in wedding photography in Las Cruces New Mexico, Albuquerque New Mexico, El Paso Texas, and available for travel, including Portland Oregon. Erin is located in Deming, New Mexico.